Are you getting married soon and blending your small dog breeds into one big happy family? Congratulations, we are very excited for you and happy your pets will be siblings! After all, when there is more than one pet in the home, most likely they will be the best of friends. Petland in Florida understands […]

If your pet’s birthday is approaching soon and you’re scrambling to orchestrate a plan to celebrate you’ve come to the right place. What a wonderful idea to celebrate your cute puppy dogs birthday with an actual birthday party? We’re talking birthday hats, cake, and all. What a great way to spend time with your pet, […]

Petland in Florida asks are your cute puppy dogs afraid of the dark? Dogs certainly can be afraid of the dark, although it isn’t very common. The vision for dogs at night is better than humans, but that doesn’t mean your cute puppy dogs can’t be afraid of the dark. There may be several reasons […]

The struggle to walk your pet in the summer heat is very real. Here are some thoughts from our Petland locations on how to beat the heat! Either you’re not happy with the hot weather or your pup is not, but either way, we want to help. Petland in Florida knows all too well that […]

It’s no secret that at our Petland stores we’re madly in love with animals! Whether they’re dogs, cats, or other small animals, you’ll find them at our Petland stores. As you may well know, our specialty lies in having the most precious puppies for sale! Check them out right here! We also love sharing our […]

Summer is officially here and now is the time to get outside with your pup! At Petland, we have some of the cutest big dog breeds in Florida! We also have one of the largest selections of cute large breed puppies anywhere in the state. Want to see our cutest big dog breeds, just click […]

Have you been looking into sprucing up your outdoor area? Let Petland go over do’s and don’ts for that new summer garden! Maybe you’re considering adding some pretty flowers and plants to adorn your balcony. Whatever the case, when you purchase puppies for sale from any of our Petland locations, we want to make sure […]

There may be other places in Sarasota that sell puppies, but these places do not have the quality service as we do at Petland! At Petland, we hold our facilities and staff to the highest of standards and do not accept anything less. We have helped hundreds of families get their first pet and have […]

Are you looking at buying a Teacup Yorkie for sale this summer? Well, if you are looking for a Teacup Yorkie for sale look no further than Petland! There are lots of things to celebrate about Teacup Yorkie pups that we want to make sure you are aware of. They are some of the sweetest […]

Are you looking for cute small dog breeds for sale to bring home this summer? Well, Petland has got your back because we have lots of small dog breeds to choose from! It is important that you understand the qualities of some of our small dog breeds before selecting them. They are all great animals […]

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