Are you excited to start planting in your home garden this Spring? Petland in Florida has some tips for you! It is a rewarding hobby to plant seeds and watch them grow. Petland wants you to enjoy your spring planting and potentially growing fruits and vegetables with your pets at home. Planting in the garden […]

Are you looking to take your dog on vacation with you or the family during spring break? It is time to let your hair down and enjoy the sun with your family in a special way. Everyday life can be stressful and overwhelming and your pets need a break too. Petland would like to share […]

Spring is here and it is time to hit the road! There are so many different ways to travel and people are becoming more creative on checking items off their bucket list. Traveling by recreational vehicle or van has become very popular in recent years. If you are looking to travel this year with your […]

Spring is here and it is all about being outdoors and making memories with your family and furry friends! Get some more use out of your backyard by turning it into a field day for your dog. We at Petland, believe it is important for your dogs to have activity during the day to maintain […]

Have you been eying Schnauzer puppies for sale but haven’t pulled the trigger? Perhaps you’ve already purchased one of our Schnauzer puppies for sale and you’re interested in learning more information about them. In any case, we’re glad you’re here. Continue reading to learn these interesting and historical facts about Schnauzers! 1. Their Whiskers are […]

We know, we know…just about everyone loves puppies! It’s been scientifically proven that they lift moods and make people generally feel happy. Our puppies for sale are no exception and because we love puppies so much, we have dedicated this blog to them! Take a look at these 5 facts that we think everyone should […]

The Maltese is a rather affectionate and gentle breed of dog and they make the absolute perfect companion for anyone who’s looking for a small but mighty pet. They may be small in stature and fall in the toy breed category, but they possess a fierceness that’s undeniable! If you pick up a Maltese for […]

Are you looking into adding a Pug puppy to your family? Check out our FAQs before you do! Pugs are precious and mischievous! They have the most inquisitive faces. It’s like they’re always asking a question! The Pugs for sale in FL Petland locations are no exception! Our Pug puppies are adorable and people always […]

If you’re looking for Pomeranians for sale, look no further! Petland Sarasota has Pomeranian puppies! Pomeranians are known for their active but diminutive nature, they are dogs that don’t demand much, they only need a good diet and grooming as well as short walks now and then. Pomeranians are great in a family setting with […]

Searching for Yorkies for sale? Look no further than Petland, your local, family-owned pet store! Yorkshire Terriers are easily one of the most recognizable breeds in the dog world. With their precious little teddy bear faces and loving disposition, the Yorkie is a perfect companion for many different types of families. The Yorkie is loyal, […]

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